The Cambridge Business Chamber is looking forward to welcoming all attendees to this event at Mystery Creek Bledisloe Room on Friday 16 April. Should government pandemic restrictions make this event impossible or impractical to host, the Cambridge Business Chamber has a contingency plan to enable this event to proceed virtually.

Personal information is collected on behalf of Waipa Networks Business Awards and Cambridge Business Chamber for the purposes of running this event. Attendance information is collected for the purposes of contact tracing and may be disclosed to the Ministry of Health should the need arise.

Health & Safety – More details here
The event managers, ForumPoint2 Limited, in conjunction with the Cambridge Business Chamber and Mystery Creek will provide as safe and healthy environment as possible for all attendees at this event. This commitment extends to ensuring the Waipa Networks Business Awards 2021 operations do not place the local community at risk of any injury, illness, or property damage. The Venue will take responsibility for providing health and safety procedures whilst on site.

All measures within our ability will be undertaken to ensure that attendees are as informed as possible about any potential risks or hazards they may face whilst attending this event. All attendees will need to:

  • Listen to the health and safety briefing onsite and/or read the health and safety document available from the ForumPoint2 team.
  • Ensure all health and safety concerns; and all accidents or near accidents are immediately reported to the onsite ForumPoint2 Health and Safety Officer
  • All attendees are encouraged to be responsible at all times, and to promote a safe and healthy working environment for the entire event duration.
  • Please respect your own personal safety and that of other event attendees.
  • Event attendees will be required to check-in at the event for contact tracing should it be required.


We respectfully advise attendees, the conference will be following the Unite Against COVID-19 New Zealand Government advice for public events and mass gatherings.

Prior to the event, we would remind you:
If you are: unwell, a confirmed or probable case of COVID-19, waiting a COVID-19 test result or self-isolating, please do not attend.

This Code has been developed for the New Zealand Events Sector by representatives of the Events Sector and sets out self-regulatory standards which attendees and operators are advised to observe.

The Code does not override any other legal obligations, including obligations under the Privacy 1993, the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015, COVID-19 Public Health Response Act 2020, or any other enactment.

Event Sector Voluntary Code for New Zealand

1.   Commitment to COVID-19 Ministry of Health guidance – Operators will take responsibility to regularly and consistently stay up to date with Ministry of Health guidance.

2.   Enable effective contact tracing – Fast and effective contact tracing is essential to stop the spread of COVID-19. Recording people’s movements will help the Ministry of Health to do this quickly and efficiently. Operators will undertake best practice to encourage Attendees to use the record keeping mechanisms at Events to enable the Ministry of Health to undertake contact tracing processes, if needed. Attendee behaviours can be encouraged at all types of Events inclusive of non-ticketed or partially ticketed Events

      Operators are encouraged to:

  • Educate Attendees pre event and through the duration of an event on record keeping expectations and mechanisms at Events to support this. 
  • Consider ways to guide the best practice behaviours set out in this code, through event design.
  • Educate and influence Attendees to take responsibility for their own record keeping. Incorporate record keeping mechanisms at Events for Attendees through the mandatory display of the NZ government’s official QR code and encouraging Attendees to scan it in prominent places and/or main entrances. 
  • Notify attendees that attendance information will be collected for the purpose of contact tracing and may be disclosed to the Ministry of Health should the need arise.

All workplaces and businesses (including event sites) legally must display the government’s official QR code, which can be scanned by the COVID-19 Tracer App, for each location. You legally must also have an alternative system for people who do not use the NZ COVID Tracer app when the country is   at Alert Level 2 and above (but not at Alert Level 1). This came into effect at 11:59am Wednesday 19 August 2020.

3.   Retaining Records – Operators are encouraged to retain attendance records that can be supplied to the Ministry of Health should they need to contact trace. This includes ticketing or attendance data that can be legally obtained and stored safely as required under the Privacy Act 1993. Operators are encouraged to Retain Records of Attendees for a minimum of four weeks, this being the minimum period necessary to support effective contact tracing.

4.   Health of Operators and Attendees - Operators should take reasonable measures to ensure that individuals (including Operators and Attendees) have the appropriate resources or facilities to ensure they undertake best practice hygiene standards

      Operators are encouraged to:

  • Ensure Operators are aware of and comply with Ministry of Health guidance.
  • Ensure Operators and Attendees are educated on the hygiene practices expected when attending the event as per Ministry of Health guidance.
  • Enable good hygiene behaviours e.g. providing hand washing facilities and making hand sanitiser available.
  • Ask Operators and Attendees who are unwell to stay home.

5. Encourage a culture of adhering to best practice COVID-19 risk management as set by an Operator – Utilise leadership, influence, education and best practice to ensure Ministry of Health guidance on hygiene and adherence to event policies put in place by the Operator are upheld in delivering the event. This includes not only during the event, but pre and post event. Operators can prepare, implement and measure this adherence using technology, risk management implementation, briefings, marketing, and incident reporting processes.

The information on the event website is correct at the time of publication.  However, the event organisers reserve the right to change information.

ForumPoint2 Conference Partners and the Cambridge Business Chamber reserve the right to refuse entry to the event.


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