We invite you to start your entry in the 2021 Waipa Networks Business Awards by reviewing the Categories Information and Entry Guide 


Excellence in Business and Employee of the Year Award Submissions:
Entry fees apply (see below)

Leader of the Year:
There is no entry fee.

Chamber Member
$125.00 excl GST ($143.75 incl GST)
Member of Cambridge Business Chamber or Te Awamutu Chamber of Commerce

$150.00 excl GST ($172.50 incl GST)


Download the template relevant to your submission from the list below. The template is a word document which you can save to your hard drive and work on in your own time. Please make sure your diary the closing date as 5.00pm Wednesday 10 March:


Emerging/ New Business (<2 years trading)
Small (1-5 full time equivalent employees)
Medium (6-15 full time equivalent employees)
Large (16+ full time equivalent employees)

Your entry will be judged in the appropriate Excellence in Business category and in addition, at the time of judging, your entry will be considered for the Category Awards. 
  • Community Contribution
  • Innovation and Adaptation
  • Digital Strategy and E-Commerce
  • Waste Minimisation – Environmental
  • Contribution to Tourism

The four winners of the Excellence in Business will be vying for the Supreme Award.

As you work through the entry template, please note a couple of reminders:
  • All entries must be submitted using one of the templates provided. The Microsoft Word file is designed to ensure that your entry is prepared in the correct way for publication.
  • Please save the template to your PC hard drive and use it to prepare your entry. Your completed entry form can be submitted by following the instructions provided online.
  • Please complete one form for each entry submitted.
  • The entry should be written in English. Please follow the template maximum words indicated in each section.
  • Save you file regularly.
  • You will be required to upload your supporting documentation/evidence in the online portal under each section as you submit your completed word file. If you have more than one supporting document in a section, please combine the files into one document for that section to upload.
  • The deadline for submissions is 5.00pm Wednesday 10 March.


Know an outstanding Leader or have a fantastic Employee? Enter them using one appropriate template below.

Leader of the Year

Employee of the Year


  • I have completed my submission template file
  • I have my supporting evidence saved as one document to upload in each section
  • I have my logo, video and/or photos ready to upload 


The completed submission document and supporting evidence/documents for the Waipa Networks Business Awards are to be submitted electronically by following the instructions provided online.

I wish to submit my entry for:
An Excellence Award
Leader of the Year
Employee of the Year

As you click on the links above you will be asked to provide the following accompanying information.

Details of the person submitting
Last name, first name, job title, company name /organisation, telephone, mobile phone, email and physical address (if selected as a finalist, this will be used)

Make payment by Credit Card (if applicable)

Then proceed to the Awards Submission/Nomination upload pages.

Submission Regulations

Your Award Submission or Nomination must contain the following:

1.  Company Name / Nominee 

2.  Each Section must be completed. 
As indicated in the template each section must be completed (excluding Section 6 if not relevant)

3.  Supporting documentation / Evidence (Excellence Awards)
We strongly encourage you at time of submission to upload in each section supporting documentation/evidence. This is not to be included in your word document, please upload separately. If you have more than one document supporting a section to upload, please combine into one file for that section. In addition to your template document, you have another 7-8 documents to upload.  Please reference which section they relate to for each supporting document.

4.  Company Logo (Excellence Awards) / Short Video
Please upload your company logo (high res .jpg or .eps)
We encourage you upload a short video 30-60 seconds – filmed on your smartphone.
5.  Photo of Nominee (Leader or Employee of the Year)
Please upload a photo of the Nominee (high res .jpg or .eps)
A submission acknowledgement will occur at the time of submission with an electronic receipt. If you do not receive confirmation, please contact Paula Armstrong, email: paula@fp2.co.nz

For further information contact:
Project Manager: Paula Armstrong | ForumPoint2 | Tel: 027 649 2081 | e: paula@fp2.co.nz


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