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Liz Stolwyk

Mighty River Domain, Lake karapiro CEO, & Deputy Mayor

Liz has been in business in Cambridge for over 22 years holding earlier positions at the Chamber of Commerce, Waikato Rugby Union and Cambridge i-Site

In her spare time Liz is the Waikato co-ordinator for the Ballance Farm Environment awards, wife and mother to 3 teenage boys who are now taller than her!

"Entering the awards is something Waipa Businesses should all do at least once! We all work very hard in our businesses and this is an opportunity to allow others to see what you do.

Celebrate your achievements, let your staff feel proud of their contribution are all excellent reasons to enter your business in the 2023 awards.  My past experience as a judge for these awards showed me the enormous pride and recognition that your team feel when entering. "

Jason Tiller

Head of Partnerships | Rocketspark

Jason looks after designers and marketers that utilise Rocketspark to design sites for their clients. He's passionate about enabling the SME sector to have sustainable, growing businesses across the district.

Jason has a background in the digital economy, including working on ecommerce startups of varying shapes and sizes. He loves meeting business owners and hearing their success stories.

" I’m really pleased to support the Waipa Business Awards as the awards ambassador for 2023. At Rocketspark we have a unique perspective on the awards as a past winner, and service provider to a large number of past winners.  I am a huge believer in benchmarking and gaining an outside perspective of a business. As a business owner, it can be difficult to get a gauge on how well things are going for you. Entering the Waipa Business Awards is the perfect opportunity to do just that.

When Rocketspark won the Supreme Award in 2021, it had a significant impact on our business and opened up completely new opportunities for us. Being so prominent in our achievement really improved our visibility in the community. I highly recommend that businesses apply."


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